Baby Care TipsWhen we found out we were expecting our first little one there was great excitement followed by a profound sense of ignorance as we quickly realized how little we knew!  Of course we wanted to give our children the best, but where to start!?  So we read books, talked to family and friends, scoured the internet, and badgered our doctors with questions.  The more we learned, the more we decided we wanted our children to have the most organic and natural products possible, both inside and out!

The internal part was easy as we’d decided to breastfeed and had already moved to a largely organic diet, but what about the outside!?  We’d never really given much thought to what we were putting on our bodies, just what was going in them.  Our quest to find the best skin care products for our babies eventually led to the creation of BareBaby organics.  But along the way we learned a lot about baby skin care, some of which we’d like to share with you here in the form of five quick tips.

Tip #1: Baths? We Don’t Need No Stinking Baths!

Two or three baths per week is plenty. Too many baths can dry out your baby’s skin.

Baby Bath Time Tips
Unlike adults, babies aren’t sweating it out to Zumba after a hard day of working construction so they don’t need a long hot bath every day.  In fact, other than a little drool and diaper changes, newborns really don’t get very dirty.  Because of this, babies only need to be bathed a maximum of two to three times per week.  Some experts recommend only bathing your baby once per week, especially those with darker skin that are more prone to dryer skin and have a higher risk of skin problems such as eczema.  Bathing your baby too often can actually be harmful as it removes the natural oils protecting his skin leaving him more vulnerable to allergic reactions and skin conditions.

Tip #2: All You Need Is Sponge

Avoid soaps and shampoos for the first few weeks.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends sponge baths until the umbilical cord stump falls off — which might take up to three weeks.  During this time you can simply wash your baby with plain water, avoiding soaps and shampoos.  (This is especially important if you have a family history of skin problems, allergies, or asthma.)  Once she gets a little older you can use a mild moisturizing soap that is both fragrance- and dye-free on any rashy areas, such as the folds of skin where wetness likes to hide.

Drying Your Baby After a BathTip #3: Wetness Is the Enemy

Wet skin leads to rashes so dry promptly after bath or a wet diaper.

Leaving your baby’s skin wet, whether after a bath or due to a soiled diaper, can lead to rashes.  If you’re quick with clean diapers and burp cloths, you’re already cleaning the parts that really need attention — the face, neck and diaper area.  The best way to dry your baby is to simply pat with a soft, clean cloth.  Don’t rub and don’t use baby wipes as the perfume or alcohol in some wipes can further irritate and dry your baby’s skin.

Tip #4: Lose the Lotion

Only use lotion when necessary until baby is a few months old.

This probably sounds odd coming from a company that makes baby lotion, but the fact is your newborn probably doesn’t require lotion after every bath.  Not only is it unnecessary, it can actually cause issues while their immune system is still developing.  The best way to prevent rashes is to dry inside your baby’s folds of skin after each bath.  But after a few months, or if you find his skin is drying out, use a fragrance- and dye-free lotion such as our BareBaby Organics Premium Moisturizing Lotion.  As with any new skin product, be sure to watch for any allergic reactions.

Tip #5: Wash First, Ask Questions Later

Wash all of baby’s cloth items separately before using them.

Any baby clothes, bedding, and blankets should be washed before first use.  Be sure to use a baby laundry detergent that is both fragrance- and dye-free, but avoid the fabric softener.  Wash her laundry separately from the rest of the family’s.

Thank you again for trusting your baby’s skin to us!  We hope you love our products and that the above tips will help to make your precious little one happy, healthy, and blessed.