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Customer Testimonials

As a physician, my day demands regular hand washing and disinfecting. The use of soaps and anti-bacterial agents takes a toll on my hands. Having used BareBaby's Premium Moisturizing Lotion over the last few weeks has proved to be very helpful in the maintenance of my hands. The lotion absorbs easily yet has a quality richness to it that stands up to the rigors of my occupation. The product components are designed as such to be gentle to my skin and also provide me peace of mind that any physical interaction I have with my patients will not affect their skin hypersensitivities.
Dr. Michael Kastrup, DC
As a nurse, I am constantly washing my hands at work. As a result, I often have very dry and chapped hands. Many lotions that I have tried will burn or irritate the breaks in my skin, so I generally avoid them because using them hurts. I've been using BareBaby Organics Premium Baby Lotion for the past week. I'm happy to say that I have had no burning, itching, or pain with using this lotion, and my hands are looking and feeling better. Definitely a great product for those of us who are repeatedly washing our hands!
Julie Stonebraker, RN, BSN
Director of Nursing / Hamilton Heights School Corporation
We love this product. We live in the Central Valley in California and our five kids have allergies and very sensitive skin. Our oldest daughter's hands, for example, turn dry and ashy while our youngest son fights a red, irritated and dry, rough nose on high pollen days. We've used many different products--some were too oily and other products burned when they put it on. BareBaby Organics is gentle and absorbs quickly, reliving our kids of their painful irritations and giving them long-lasting relief. We finally found a product that works! We highly recommend this product.
Teresa Tarazi
Awesome for children with eczema! We started using this product on our 5 year old that suffers from eczema and she loves it. Its not oily, absorbs really easy. We were using Cetaphil before and by mid afternoon we were applying a new layer of lotion. I also noticed that whenever we put Cetaphil on her skin she would say it burns in comparison to this BareBaby organic lotion.
Pia Jones Mangiliman
I'm super picky when it comes to my lotion. This lotion is light, spreadable, and moisturizing! What more could you want? I love the light texture, especially as we're going into the summer and the last thing you want on a hot day is thick, gooey lotion all over your body. I don't even have a baby but I love this product. It's full of good-for-you ingredients and I love that I'm not spreading harmful chemicals on my skin when I use this!
Julia Griffin
This lotion is awesome. I personally do not like lotions, gels, oils, etc. This is the exception! It absorbs quickly, moisturizers VERY well and doesn't have weird smells or residue. It has a faint smell when you first squirt it into your hand, but it's not bad and it fades almost immediately. I would recommend this to everyone! Sensitive skin or otherwise. A little goes a long way and its natural and clean feeling!
Heather Rodriguez
The lotion absorbs quickly and doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy or tacky. My dry skin feels moisturized and SOFT!! I love this lotion for what's in it as well as what isn't. No more dry itchy skin for me. The lotion is a great weight, it's not overly thick. It spreads around the skin nicely. My skin is soft for hours. I really believe this lotion is perfect for newborns to grandparents and everyone in between. One lotion for the entire family.
Connie Gruning
Our son had very dry flakey skin on his hands. We tried several different lotions that did little to no results. We didn't feel comfortable having him use medicated creams that were recommended by the dermatologist so we decided to try BareBaby. After the first application of BareBaby lotion we noticed his hands were softer. After a week of using BareBaby his hands were soft and smooth. We were so pleased with the results we purchased another bottle.
Andreea Nagy
This is a great buy even if you aren't a baby yourself.  Being a nurse means that I have to constantly wash my hands. By the end of my shift, my hands appear to have aged 10 years. Therefore, I've been looking for a lotion that will not have an overwhelming fragrance or an oily feeling, yet still be able to do the job of hydrating and moisturizing my hands. This lotion definitely fits the criteria. I highly recommend it for anyone, young and old.
Jasmine M., RN
St. Joseph's Medical Center