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Join The Fun At Stake: India’s Premier Casino Site For Gaming Enthusiasts – Bruce Ashby (L), President and CEO of IndiGo, Rahul Bhatia (C), Managing Director, InterGlobe Enterprises, and Rakesh Gangwal pose at the launch of revenue operations for IndiGo, India’s newest private low-cost domestic airline, in New Delhi, July 31, 2006. is taking . / Kamal Kishore

BANGALORE, Feb 18 ( ) – IndiGo co-founder Rakesh Gangwal has resigned from the board and plans to reduce his stake in the airline over the next five years, IndiGo parent InterGlobe Aviation (INGL.NS) said in an exchange filing on Friday. . .

Join The Fun At Stake: India’s Premier Casino Site For Gaming Enthusiasts

Join The Fun At Stake: India's Premier Casino Site For Gaming Enthusiasts

Gangwal and his family own 36.61% of the parent company, while another co-founder and managing director, Rahul Bhatia, and his family own about 37.8%, giving them both a significant say in the airline’s strategy.

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The two clashed in early 2020 when Kangwol tried to amend certain provisions in the company’s articles of incorporation.

Gangwal, a non-executive director, claimed that the parent group violated corporate governance rules and wanted to remove an article that prevented co-founders from buying publicly traded InterGlobe shares and potentially triggering a public offering for the entire company.

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In December last year, the shareholders of the parent company approved changes to the articles of incorporation, including the repeal of rules restricting the sale of shares or the transfer of shares to third parties.

In a letter to InterGlobe Aviation’s board of directors, Gangwal said, “I have been a long-term shareholder in the company for over 15 years and it was only natural to think about diversifying my holdings at some point.”

India Will Start Enrolment Under New Military Recruitment Plan This Month

Kangwol said he resigned immediately because he did not want access to price-sensitive information that was not disclosed as he began to reduce his stake in the company.

A U.S. veteran and the airline industry, Gangwal is United Airlines and U.S. Having held a senior position at Airways for several years, Bhatia runs the ground in India.[1/2] Protesters chant slogans from a police vehicle after being arrested during the “Agnipath for recruiting soldiers” protest in Kolkata, India, June 18, 2022 ” Against the plan ./Rupak De Chowdhuri

NEW DELHI, June 19 – Enrollment under India’s new army recruitment plan will begin this month, despite objections to plans that would drastically reduce service periods and offer fewer service benefits when contracts end, a senior Defense Ministry official said on Sunday.

Join The Fun At Stake: India's Premier Casino Site For Gaming Enthusiasts

To lower the average age of India’s 1.38 million-strong military, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government on June 14 launched a campaign called Agnipath, or “The Road of Fire,” designed to bring more people into the armed forces on four-year contracts. published policy.

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The plan sparked violent protests in the north and east, with thousands of young people attacking train coaches, burning tires and clashing with officials, after which the government revised some of the rules.

The plan has also been criticized by some defense experts, who say it weakens the structure of the armed forces in a country that shares frequently tense borders with Pakistan and China and could have serious implications for national security.

“Why should it be withdrawn? This is a long overdue reform,” Lieutenant General Anil Puri, additional secretary of the Defense Ministry, told reporters in New Delhi.

Under Agnipath, 46,000 cadets will be recruited this year and only 25% will be retained till the end of their four years. Cadets are trained for six months, then deployed for three and a half years.

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One of the biggest concerns is the fate of soldiers whose terms have expired, but Puri said the government will ensure that those enrolled in the scheme will find suitable jobs when discharged.

On Sunday, the Federal Home Office said it would reserve 10 percent vacancies in the Assam Rifles, a paramilitary unit of the Indian Army, for those who had left the force under the plan, while the Defense Ministry said it would reserve 10 percent vacancies for those who have prepared a plan. to save. Pioneer Day activities started with an opening speech by the Chairman of Mekala. Then, all the members went down to the basketball court where the ice blocks were arranged. And Sats are invited to walk on the ice, which gives a glimpse of the early pioneers. Most members have walked there several times to express their appreciation and gratitude to the early pioneers.

One of the members of the Hyderabad Pioneers, a counselor in the mission presidency, gave a presentation. In his presentation he explained how his uncle Edw Dharmaraju was baptized in the island of Samoa, after which he returned to Hyderabad on an assignment to beg in a church. This presentation helps members understand how God established His Church, Hyderabad.

Join The Fun At Stake: India's Premier Casino Site For Gaming Enthusiasts

The returned missionaries then formed a choir and sang “Ye Elders of Israel” and “Called to Serve.” Most of the missionaries who have returned say they feel the Spirit. Some recalled fond memories of their mission and even shed tears when sharing their feelings. They then sang “High on the Mounta top” and “Families can be together” with cheers from all Endowment members. All members gain awareness through this song.

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All later converts, returned missionaries, and returned temple members were all pioneers for their families, so they were invited into the early pioneer spirit. With this invitation, the activity was concluded with enthusiasm. The campaign included election polls, local rallies and roadshows where convoys of cars passed through streets crowded with supporters. Open roof vehicle.

In recent elections, campaigns have increasingly incorporated expert strategists, public relations firms, voter data and over-reliance on social media. The digital focus, where effective use has been central to Modi’s rise, has been particularly important in this election, with several campaigns influenced by the Omicron wave.

Election campaigns involve large sums of money, along with “bonds” in the form of anonymous political contributions, and are increasingly under scrutiny.

Azad Samaj Party leader Chandrashekhar Azad waves to supporters at a rally in Gorakhpur in February. Source… Saumya Khandelwal of The New York Times

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The electoral bonds were sold by the State Bank of India and the identity of the buyer was not disclosed. They can be purchased from individuals or companies for face values ​​ranging from about $15 to $130,000, and can be donated to political parties that do not require donors to be disclosed.

When the Modi administration introduced the initiative, it was seen as an effort to curb black money ahead of elections, as bonds can only be purchased through banking transactions.

Critics, however, insist that the new system works to the ruling party’s advantage by promoting opacity about large donations.

Join The Fun At Stake: India's Premier Casino Site For Gaming Enthusiasts

Of the roughly $1 billion in campaign bonds donated to political parties in the program’s first three years, a “vast” majority went to the ruling B.J.P. According to an analysis by the Society for Democratic Reform, a non-profit organization that studies the electoral process in India.

Mubadala To Invest $1.2 Billion In India’s Jio Platforms

Report prepared by Shalini Venugopal Bhagat, Suhasini Raj, Sameer Yasir, Karan Deep Singh, Hari Kumar and Mujib Mashal.

Election season in India can feel endless. When not voting for national and state legislative seats, it is for city council.

Turnout is usually high. Indian law requires that there be an accessible polling place within 1.25 miles of the home of every citizen who votes. In 2019, a polling station was set up for just one voter in Gujarat’s Gir forest.

A polling station in a village near Amritsar in the agricultural country of Punjab in 2014. Source… Daniel Berehulak of The New York Times

Years Later, Bhopal Still Isn’t Settled

Voting in all federal, state and local elections is done through electronic voting machines that have been used to some extent in Indian elections since the 1990s. This is believed to be the main reason for the rarity of voting fraud and disputes given the size of India’s electorate and the frequency of elections. Voters mark their fingers with permanent ink before pressing a button for their preferred candidate.

India has become increasingly polarized along religious lines in recent years, with politicians fueling divisions to unite national and regional voting blocs. But this election cycle has shown once again that caste loyalties still play a role in voting behavior in local elections.

In recent decades, the dominance of the upper caste Brahmins in political life has been challenged, while the middle and lower castes have increasingly gained room for political participation.

Join The Fun At Stake: India's Premier Casino Site For Gaming Enthusiasts

In the 2017 elections, Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party managed to form a coalition of several upper castes and marginalize the lower castes to win in Uttar Pradesh. But in the weeks leading up to last month’s polls, many lower-caste leaders left the party in Uttar Pradesh, complaining that Prime Minister Adityanath had concentrated power among his upper-caste colleagues.

Asia’s Power Businesswomen 2021

Adityanath visited a temple in Gorakhpur, India this month. Source: Saumya Khandelwal of The New York

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