Join The Fun And Win Big At Bons: India’s Most Exciting Casino Site

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Did you ever think that you could make a career out of gambling, or more specifically slots, that you could make a living out of his machines?Brian Christopher certainly didn’t. But he doesn’t just make a living out of it, he’s also a rock star in the gambling world.

Join The Fun And Win Big At Bons: India’s Most Exciting Casino Site

Join The Fun And Win Big At Bons: India's Most Exciting Casino Site

Christopher, 39, grew up in Burlington, Ontario. His YouTube channel has 190 million views as of November 17, averaging 207,000 views per day. His channel grew exponentially and on November 15th he reached 300,000 subscribers. He’s celebrating by betting $30,000 on slots via his stream live on December 10th at 8pm. On his at the San Manuel Casino in Highlands, California.

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But Christopher didn’t intentionally start his YouTube slot his channel. At least that was the case initially. As of early 2016, he was living with husband Marco in Los Angeles and working as an actor (like being an actor, driving Ubers and Lyfts and working for a catering company).Hall He has made regular appearances on the small screen, including Mark’s ‘Christmas Parade’, Tim Horton commercials and various television shows such as ‘The Listener’ on CTV and ‘Copper’ on BBC. So when he was recorded playing slots on his second vacation to Las Vegas, it was a thrill.

“I saw someone playing his slots on YouTube, so I decided to record him playing slots. I thought it would be fun to do that. There was no action plan such as “Let’s do the work of said Christopher.

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On April 18, 2016 Christopher posted his first video. I thought this video was only for his friends and family to see. In less than a month, his following grew rapidly and he was invited to join his YouTube partner’s program to monetize his videos. According to the software company Intuit, his YouTubers who participate in the program earn an average of $3 for every 1,000 views he earns from $5 per video, or 1 million streams for him. Earn up to $5,000.

“I decided you know what. Maybe I’ll follow this and see where it takes me. Glad I did.”

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Christopher turned his YouTube into a full-time job. He started booking trips and going to casinos for movie content. Since no one else had posted videos of him playing slots at that speed, he decided to upload new videos every day.

“I think that’s why my channel grew so quickly. I didn’t know where it was going to take me, but I was like, ‘This is so cool.’ I love gambling, I love entertainment, we do everything together,” he said.

A year later Christopher hired a video editor. In addition to his daily posts, he takes classes on how to get the most out of his YouTube, attends conferences, and constantly contacts US casinos to see if they’re interested in hosting. I was. He was also really good in front of the camera from the beginning. This is due to his acting experience.

Join The Fun And Win Big At Bons: India's Most Exciting Casino Site

“The audience pretends to be with me all the time. I’m basically the only one talking to them the whole time.”

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In his first year, Christopher took a total loss on the machine, but slotted he knew he would make a quick profit, not the machine.

“It was an investment, so at that time [even if it didn’t make a profit] I was fine. Every month, I saw more viewers and more income. And then they crossed over and they made more money.” I knew there was a point where I would start earning .

“Slot machines are designed to take your money, so I always tell people: ‘If you’ve won a dollar, put your money out and run away with your money. Because you have already beaten the system.

As his audience grew, so did the desire for Christopher. They added the verse he was repeating. “Arunda” was Christopher’s first catchphrase when he failed to win a spin. This became the basis for his fan club, Rudy’s, and the words Christopher added to his merchandise. In his June of this year, Christopher mispronounced the word “banzai” as “banza” every time he played and won a Karate Kid-themed slot on his live stream on his machine. His team, who now have five staff members in the office, were selling shirts with the words on them before the stream ended.

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Christopher’s die-hard fans don’t just watch his videos. He has a great following on all his social media his platforms. Subscribing to the YouTube channel is free, but the creator pays a fee to join his club, which is run by a large number of fans through Patreon. User can add monthly fee to get more access.

For Christopher, $5 a month gives you access to his private Facebook group. $10 means he can follow you on his social platform and access his monthly live chat. For $20, you get all of this, plus the occasional postcard. Christopher’s fan club has over 2000 members of his. He also gives fans the chance to gamble with him in real life.

“He keeps evolving his channel so it doesn’t get stale,” said Joshua O’Connell, 38, of Connecticut-based West His Haven.

Join The Fun And Win Big At Bons: India's Most Exciting Casino Site

“I had been watching slot videos on YouTube for several years before I met Brian. YouTube sometimes recommended new channels that I had never seen. It’s something we came up with early on. When he started, there were only a handful of people doing it, but now there are hundreds,” says O’Connell.

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O’Connell first attended a conference Christopher hosted in New York City in late 2017, and says he’s attended “a dozen or so” conferences since.

O’Connell attended his first “Rudy’s Weekend” and combined the money with another of his Rudys. They won O’Connell’s first and only “hand pay” for over $1,200 in prize money. This amount is for the United States. It must be submitted to the federal government, and casino employees usually hand over the cash.

“Some of my experiences with other fans are some of my fondest memories of visiting casinos in recent years,” he said.

Rudy comes to watch Christopher play slots even as the COVID-19 pandemic hits the United States. The main difference is that they are physically distanced and masked. Brian often wears his Christopher his branded mask. He has sold over 15,000 masks to date.

Promotions, Rewards & Tournaments

The Centers for Disease Control, a US federal agency, has provided detailed considerations for resuming and slowing the spread of the virus. Christopher points out that these laws vary from state to state. His channel saw him slow down a bit in March, but was booked almost halfway through the following year. Christopher said some casinos are now looking at his channel as a way to advertise that they have taken protective measures and have safely reopened.

Christopher says operators who told him a year ago they weren’t interested in hosting him often changed their minds as a way to show patrons that they were safely reopened.

“You can put up a billboard or run a commercial on a television network, and 10% or 5% of the people who see it are actually your customers, but when I put something on, they don’t see it. 100% of people who are playing are gamblers,” he said.

Join The Fun And Win Big At Bons: India's Most Exciting Casino Site

Another major industry Christopher is tapping into with reopening is US cruises. He will celebrate his 40th birthday aboard Royal Caribbean Cruises in February with a completely sold-out “Rudy’s Cruise” online.

Casino Table Games

Royal Caribbean is currently conducting a ‘test cruise’ in the United States to prove to customers and regulators that it is safe to operate, and plans to resume operations once approval is received from the CDC. By the end of last month, over 100,000 people had signed up for these exams.

He was able to travel several states, but was unable to return home, canceled a trip to visit family in September, and was unable to take two weeks off work in quarantine. , one of his next goals is to break into his home ground.

“They seem a little hesitant to allow cameras in casinos, but I hope one day we can enter the market.

Morgan Bockneck works at his Star’s digital desk in Toronto. She is also a star contributor. Follow her on her Twitter: @moboxs

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