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Get In On The Action: Join India’s Top Casino Site Bet365 Today – More and more women are joining India’s Rapid Action Force, which deals with riot and crowd control situations Image: Dharvi Vaid/

“Nothing is impossible for women,” said Sunija Prasad, 34, sitting in her barracks after a grueling training session at a police camp in the northern Indian town of Meerut.

Get In On The Action: Join India’s Top Casino Site Bet365 Today

Get In On The Action: Join India's Top Casino Site Bet365 Today

Prasad is an inspector with the Rapid Action Force (RAF), a specialized wing of the Indian Reserve Central Paramilitary Police Force that deals with riot and crowd control situations.

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Before speaking with , she spent the entire morning with 20 other female soldiers, crawling through trenches, climbing ropes, jumping over fires with an incessant 5.56mm rifle and participating in an extensive simulation of control. crowds.

“Women can be great peacekeepers. We can strengthen societies and make other women aware that they can do something,” said Prasad, who is training for her second peacekeeping mission. peace.

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“We show them courage. We show them strength. Seeing our appearance, I hope they will be inspired,” she added.

For more than a decade, the United Nations has called for the greater participation of women in conflict prevention, post-conflict peacebuilding and peacekeeping.

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At the United Nations Security Council in January, Indian officials called for greater participation of women in public life and the elimination of violence against them as a precondition for promoting lasting peace in the world. In 2007, India was the first country in UN peacekeeping history to send an all-female Formed Police Unit (FPU) to be deployed to Liberia after a civil war ravaged the African nation.

The United Nations has said that with more women serving in peacekeeping missions, operations have become more effective.

According to the UN, out of an estimated 95,000 peacekeepers in 2020, women made up 4.8% of military contingents and 10.9% of established police units.

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“The presence of women in missions in itself makes a difference. There are certain cultures where female victims are not allowed to talk to men. In this particular scenario, if you have female peacekeepers, it becomes easier for the authorities to communicate with them,” said Seema Dhundia, deputy inspector general of India’s Rapid Action Force, which commanded the first female FPU in Liberia in 2007.

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Dundia pointed out that in conflict-affected areas, a significant number of victims are women and children. She believes that women are good communicators and can establish a good channel of communication with victims of conflict, thus building trust.

“They are trained and sensitized. They are aware of the trauma that women and children have gone through. They can relate to them and because they are better communicators compared to their male counterparts, they can go deep into the societies, communities and getting in touch with Them. Victims,” ​​she said.

Prasad, who also visited Liberia in 2015, said that during her mission, female peacekeepers motivated Liberian women to go to work without fear and to participate in public life. They also encouraged children to go to school.

“Our mission had such an impact that they now live without fear. I loved being part of the community. We could listen to people’s problems directly, involve them and also help them,” Prasad said.

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The historic all-female deployment in Liberia has not been without its challenges. Dhundia recalled fears about his contingent before the women’s deployment.

“It was quite difficult for us because an all-female unit was going for the first time and everyone was quite worried whether we were going to perform well or not. Even the UN officials in Liberia were scared,” she said. .

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“Of course, to prove ourselves, we had to put in double the effort compared to our men. We knew the whole world was watching us.”

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Their first task in Liberia came just as they were settling in, they had to control a huge crowd of armed veterans protesting against the government of the day.

“We went there and within an hour we were worried about the situation. We had to evacuate a lot of injured people, we had to use tear gas. It was our first exposure to Liberia, and from that that day the locals started to respect us.. They started calling us ‘Indian sisters.’ Everywhere we went they would say, ‘The Indian sisters have arrived and we feel safe now,’ Dundia said. .

The contingent also hired several communities and assisted rape victims, training them in bare-knuckle combat and using computers.

Prasad of the Rapid Action Force said many Liberian women look up to female peacekeepers as role models.

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“The charm of female troops has motivated many women to join the Liberian National Police and participate in rebuilding their society,” she said.

In a profession that continues to be heavily male-dominated and in a nation plagued by gender-based violence, Indian female police officers are breaking stereotypes to represent their country on the world stage.

“The physical efficiency of men and women is different. But women are very strong mentally. And because they are strong mentally, they also behave physically. I don’t feel like I’m less of a person. when I’m training,” Officer Pinky said. Singh, who also trains for the UN. deployment, said.

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“Our society allows women to work in professions like teaching, but not so much in the forces. If we do our duty successfully, we can motivate people to send their daughters and sisters to join the forces, not only in India but also in those countries. Where we are going,” she said. Protests in Mumbai call for the arrest of Nupur Sharma, the BJP’s national spokesperson, over comments she made on the Prophet Muhammad.Photograph: Ashish Vaishnav / SOPA Images / REX / Shutterstock

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Disciplinary action against BJP members fails to quell growing anger in Muslim world over comments insulting the Prophet

Six other countries have joined diplomatic protests across the Muslim world over derogatory remarks insulting the Prophet Muhammad made by spokespersons for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party.

Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Maldives, Jordan, Bahrain and Libya joined Qatar, Kuwait, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Afghanistan in filing complaints officials regarding the comments of representatives of the Hindu nationalist party Bharatiya Janata. Meanwhile, members of the radical party reacted angrily to disciplinary action against the couple after their comments went viral in the Middle East.

Indonesia, which has the largest number of Muslims in the world, called the Indian ambassador in Jakarta. “Indonesia strongly condemns the unacceptable derogatory remarks against Prophet Muhammad PBUH [peace be upon him] by two Indian politicians,” read a tweet from the Foreign Ministry.

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Bahrain called “the need to condemn any reprehensible insult against the Prophet Muhammad PBUH, as a provocation to the feelings of Muslims and an outline of religious hatred”.

The BJP’s attempt to assuage anger by suspending its national spokesperson, Nupur Sharma, and expelling its Delhi media chief, Naveen Kumar Jindal, and dismissing them as “fringe elements” who did not represent the views government has had little success in the Muslim world. .

And at home, Hindu diehards who have often targeted India’s Muslim minority are expressing their anger at the move, which is unusual for a party that has never faced internal criticism during its years. eight years in power.

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Many praised Sharma, who made the remarks during a debate on a right-wing news channel, and expressed disbelief that a BJP government could bow to pressure from Muslim countries. Jindal was kicked out because of a tweet he made about the Prophet which has since been deleted.

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The hashtag “#ShameOnBJP” was trending on Twitter alongside expressions of solidarity with the national spokesperson and, in a rare rebuke to Modi, hardliners suggested the Uttar chief minister Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath, could make a better prime minister.

The party argued it could not threaten India’s extensive commercial ties with the Arab world, its need for Gulf oil and the demand for protection from the 6.5 million Indians who live in the Gulf.

India’s opposition leaders meanwhile demanded the arrest of Sharma, who told Delhi police she had received death threats, and Jindal, saying the actions taken so far are shameful.

Congress party leader Rahul Gandhi has accused the BJP of dividing India internally and weakening it externally. “The BJP’s shameful bigotry has not only isolated us but also damaged India’s position in the world,” he tweeted.

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